Google Earth VR Takes Virtual Reality Global

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Most people probably saw this coming once Google Maps started offering 3-D maps of certain parts of larger cities, but now we have Google Earth VR. Certain select areas of the Earth are offered in virtual realty for HTC Vive users. The Vive is…

Are We About to See Virtual Reality Go “Mainstream”

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Virtual Reality seems to be everywhere I look now in technology news. Does this mean that VR is about to leap from “cool futuristic idea” to “mainstream tool that most people are familiar with”? We will see. Just in the past week alone: Sony Playstation finally released their long awaited VR headset and suit of games (with reviews not always being that glowing), Occulus Rift released a pair of controllers (that did earn glowing reviews), Walmart started selling a headset/controller combo that turns your smartphone into a VR device for $19.98 (made out of plastic instead of cardboard), and a VR model was used to convict a Nazi War criminal. The real educational potential will be more in allowing learners to design their own experiences in VR, from creating 3-D models that they can then walk around virtually to designing and releasing various games and simulations.

Five Days of Pokemon (or So I Thought)

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After Pokemon Go came out, I prepared myself for the onslaught of articles pertaining to the application of the game to education. Audrey Watters best summed up my feelings in a singe tweet:

Oh god. Someone has already written the “how Pokemon Go will revolutionize education” article

— Audrey Watters (@audreywatters) July 10, 2016

Regardless, I decided to see if there was any substance to the notion and I started playing on July 27. I planned to play for just five days and finish on the 31st, but life was extremely busy at the time and I kept playing past my self-imposed deadline. Most of the aforementioned articles popped up in July and August (ex:,, and my contribution is definitely late to the game. My post highlights my positive and negative experiences, as well as a few ways that an educator could consider utilizing the app. Here is some more information if you have the inkling!

Happy hunting!


Turning Virtual Reality Into Simulator Rides

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One of the biggest problems with Virtual Reality that I keep coming back to (other than cost and ethical concerns) is the lack of interaction in most VR simulations. There are many ways around this, but many of them still involve tracking hands or movements. If you want to go sit on a virtual horse, you can’t. Until now it seems. FutureTown has created a device that converts into a motor bike, a mechanical horse, and a standing ski/surfing simulation board (see the promo video above). Connect this device to your favorite VR headset, and its like you are almost there! Well, not really, but it probably does bring us closer to Holodecks. But it also highlights the problems with the whole idea: how expensive is it going to get to create a new set-up for every way you could use this? Cars, boats, biking, etc all have different contexts for motion. Will this be useful for education anytime soon? Not really. But I did get to play in something like this in a mall – basically, an eggshell that worked like a space ship while I fought off an alien invasion. It was pretty cool, bur practical? We will have to see.