Alex Hunnicutt

Using Student Websites to Mitigate Isolation in Independent Studies


Wendell A. (Alex) Hunnicutt, PhD
Adjunct Instructor
Department of History, College of Liberal Arts

This project addresses the use of student-controlled website as a tool for developing, curating, and presenting knowledge acquired in the context of independent historical studies. Undergraduate students working independently may miss the structure and the interaction of traditional classrooms or even the give and take of the online discussion boards. A domain on their own may mitigate some of the isolation of independent studies as well as providing a technological means of communicating finished studies.

Students will record their time spent on the technical construction of these websites – not the content, but the presentation and manipulation of the content. Similarly, I will record my own experiences in guiding students through this process, the observed ease or difficulty experienced by the students as well as the amount of time required for me as an instructor to manage these projects. Students’ abilities to follow through and complete the projects and the quality of those projects will factor into the evaluation.