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George Siemens of UT Arlington’s LINK Lab, and CorpU are joining forces to offer a gathering of global corporations and businesses in a free two day virtual event with the theme MOOCs: Scaling Corporate Learning. June 18 and 19.  Some of the topics are: Marketing through MOOCs, Increasing employee engagement, Attracting new talent. Advancing organizational goals and missions.  In a discussion this morning Michel Benard of Google discussed some online courses that his company offers in the area of education.
Google Apps for Education, Internet 101, Chrome and Chromebooks for Education, to name a few.  I’d like to find the course on using search functions effectively which is another course he referenced.  Thousands of  people have profited from the experience. I’m thinking that a class or a learning community like PLC might want to explore one of these courses together to discuss and experiment with some of the concepts. The online symposium continues tomorrow. Registration is quick and easy List of Speakers:

  1. I enjoyed the session I attended on 6/19. I hope to view some of the materials on the bmooc blog! I am most interested in the mutual issues pertaining to keeping learning engaging and motivating for the learner. I was interested to hear that in the Google session that the participants preferred very short videos in the asynchronous learning environment (2-3 minutes). This jives with what I have heard about keeping videos short. I think I want to re-examine my own using of multi-media in async. learning and see if I can “distill” my content further, or, index it somehow so it’s searchable. Breaking long videos up into parts is also viable. Everyone is so busy so information needs to be compact and meaningful. -Peggy

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