LINK Has MOOCs Coming Your Way

LINK Research Lab is excited to be rolling out multiple MOOCs this October. In our constant mission to understand what it means to be human in a digital age, we are excited to release MOOCs that address various parts of this question.

Our first course, Introduction to Open Education, aims to promote awareness of open education among graduate students, faculty, and learning designers. Learners will be introduced to open education concepts that will equip them to utilize open educational resources within their own institutions. Launching on October 1st, Introduction to Open Education will encourage learners to look outside the traditional classroom for educational resources that exist in the digital world.

Bringing our focus to wellness, The Science and Practice of Yoga or YogaMOOC is set to launch on October 16th to show participants how the practice of yoga on the mat as well as in their everyday life can lead to improvement to overall wellness. In partnership with Free Life People™ School of Yoga, YogaMOOC breaks down the science and practice to appeal to anyone interested in learning the science and practice of yoga regardless of previous yoga experience.

Closing out the month, Digitizing Higher Education and Learning Analytics Fundamentals are both set to launch October 30th. Digitizing Higher Education will look to engage participants with key trends that are shaping higher education and learn how these trends are amplified by the growing digital structure of society. Learning Analytics Fundamentals will help learners develop a solid understanding of fundamental learning analytics theories and processes, and explore different types of educational data.

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