Sasank Peri Sai Santosh Sasank Peri

Sasank is a doctoral student in the Department of Electrical Engineering with a research focus on semiconductor sensors for nanotechnology and biomedical applications. Sasank is interested predicting student engagement using psycho-social characteristics and predicting lifespan of ideas through networks using epidemic models.

Cory Newell Cory Newell

Cory is a doctoral student in the Department of Psychology with a background in health, research design, and statistics. Broadly, Cory is interested in the physical and mental health implications of an increasingly connected and technological society. His current research aims to understand the impact of increased connectivity by exploring how smartphone and social media use relate to a variety of health, cognitive, and social factors.

Goutam Sarker Goutam Sarker

Goutam is providing leadership to CIRTL-UTA Learning Community leaders, maintaining on-going communication with the CIRTL-UTA community, CIRTL Network community, and local program leadership team members. Goutam is also working on the OnTask project where he analyzes students’ activity data to equip Instructors to design personalized feedback to the students with suggestions about their learning strategies so that the students can adjust their learning progressively.