Dr. Geoff Woolcott to Host Talk on the Way We Learn

Dr. Geoff Woolcott, LINK’s current visiting scholar, is excited to host an informal presentation on Connectivity and Systems Approaches to Educational Research on Wednesday, February 1, 2016, at noon in the LINK Research Lab. Dr. Woolcott is an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Science Education in the School of Education at Southern Cross University, Australia. He is an experienced scientist-educator with over 30 years of experience in the education and research sectors. He has successfully undertaken educational and leadership roles in primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors, both nationally and internationally, and has considerable experience in the development of innovative educational resources, such as competitions and assessments used in Australia and Asia. He maintains his involvement with schools through research-based collaborations across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in both primary and secondary education.

Dr. Woolcott will present an outline of his recent research related to humans connections with each other and the world. He will focus on outlining five recently completed projects under the research umbrella of “how people learn stuff.” Some of these projects include a three-year $1 million project undertaken within a complexity framework, student-centered service integration based on the identification of risk factors, and a one-year project to create a mathematics MOOC based on cognitive load theory with feedback from students. In addition to discussing these topics, Dr. Woolcott is happy to address additional points in more detail.

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