Social Learning Guide

gravatarquestionCreate or update a Gravatar account to attach a personal image to the email address(es) you will use with this course.

wordpressquestionCreate a blog on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or your own site. If you will use a new or existing blog for your work, add it to your ProSolo profile.

twitterquestionCreate social media accounts on Twitter, Flickr, FacebookGoogle, or other sites you like to use. Introduce yourself to #dalmooc on twitter.

facebookquestionParticipate in the #dalmooc twitter conversation, like our Facebook page, and/or follow the our Google+ Page

emailquestionRead your daily/weekly email notices or follow @dalmooc on Twitter. Updates will also be posted on Facebook and Google+.

bloggerquestionFind other learners who are blogging and follow them. Be sure to leave comments. If someone comments on your blog, check out their blog.

googlequestionParticipate in the weekly Google Hangouts to ask questions, interact with other learners, and dig deeper into content.

Link LabquestionDesign your own path through the course structure. You have two main paths to choose, but you can switch and customize as needed.

assignment bankquestionWant some advanced assignments? Try the Assignment Bank. These assignments can be completed on your blog and shared on social networks.