Dr. Throy Campbell, Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Campbell joins the LINK Lab team as a Postdoctoral Fellow. His area of research for the fellowship focuses on the balance between formal education, learning, and work. He earned his doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, and master’s in business administration. His pedagogical background includes teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in education leadership and policy, business finance, and management. He has 7 years of leadership experience in the private sector and firsthand understanding of the changing nature of the labor market. Throy is uniquely positioned to pursue his research agenda on how learning and innovation within the workplace and higher education institutions may be integrated to better prepare our graduates for the knowledge-driven workplace, and how to better facilitate the creation and transfer of knowledge between academia and industry.


On a date to be announced in the LINK lab (246 Nedderman Hall) Dr. Campbell will deliver the following public presentation:

Title:  Higher Education in the Face of Labor Market Change

Abstract: The advancement of technology and communication systems has influenced major changes in the labor market, and influences the connection between higher education institutions and the workplace. Employers are demanding creativity and innovation, workers are participating in further training to remain employable, and higher education institutions are collaborating with employers to prepare the next generation of workers. An emerging area of research interest is analyzing the change relationship between labor market employment needs and expectations and how universities prepare individuals for the work place.