Dana Arrowood Dana Arrowood
College of Education
Curriculum and Instruction Educational Technology
Redesigning Technology Applications EDTC 4301 as an Online Course
Rebecca Deen Rebecca Deen
College of Liberal Arts
Political Science
Technology Tools to Develop Students’ Critical Thinking Skills and Expanding the Range of Pedagogical Aids in Political Science
Richard Hoefer Rick Hoefer
School of Social Work
Community Research
Enhancing CEU workshops by Incorporating Brain-Based Activities
Max Hu Max Hu
College of Science
Earth and Environmental Science
Redesign of GEOL 1425 Earth Systems as a More Interactive Learning Experience
Ernest Johnson Ernest Johnson
College of Education
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Improved Communication in an Online Environment Through Video and Audio Tools
Peggy Semingson Peggy Semingson
College of Education
Curriculum and Instruction Literacy Studies
Improving and Measuring Learning Outcomes in an Online Context
Johanna Smith Johanna Smith
College of Liberal Arts
Researching Hybrid Approaches for English courses
Patricia Thomas Pat Thomas
College of Nursing
Graduate Nursing
Improving Learning Outcomes in Analysis of Theories for Nursing Through Interactive Engagement
Cathy Unite Cathy Unite
University College
Learning Center
Extending Academic Support to Online Learners
Nila Veerabathina Nilakshi Veerabathina
College of Science
Physics and Astronomy
Enhancing Students’ Engagement in Critical Thinking and Active Learning Through Technology Use