New to Online?

Pivoting to Online Teaching:
Research and Practitioner Perspectives

Explore research-informed, effective practices for online teaching and learning in postsecondary institutions.

This site serves as an access point for those that do not wish to register for the edX course, as well as a hub for connecting participant work. However, if you would like to register for the course, please see the edX registration page.

Week 5 is looking at blended learning and moving forward.


Do you teach online? We would love to hear a short 1-2 min video or screencast explaining what works best for you: either in terms of pedagogy or technology. Other resources (blog posts, articles, collections of resources, etc) are also welcome. See our Contribute page to submit your resources.

If you need some guides for right now, here are some blog posts that can help:

For those needing some music to listen to while transitioning to online, or a good laugh, here is a playlist from YouTube: “Pivot to Online: the 80s Version.”