Affiliated Researchers

Dr. Catherine Spann
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Catherine Spann, Ph.D. | Post-Doc | Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Colorado Boulder
Catherine is a former Social and Affective Computing Research Scientist for the LINK Lab where she has focused on the role of contemplative practices in mental and physical health and general well-being, exploring the psycho-physiological assessment of the impact of such practices. She led numerous research studies in controlled lab settings, museums, and classrooms with both children and adults on the topic of mindfulness and self-regulation. Her research engaged in wearable and mobile technologies in order to increase understanding of the physiological and psychological factors that lead to wellness and successful learning. After leaving for her post-doc in Boulder, Catherine has continued to collaborate with LINK as a lead instructor in YogaMOOC, as well as a number of studies including holistic learning analytics, co-investigator of the Social Media and Smartphone Use project, and collaboration with UniSA on Affective Learning Analytics
Henry Anderson Henry Anderson | Language Analytics
Henry is a research scientist and the resident Language Analyst at LINK. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Rice University in Physics and Linguistics. He is interested in how big language data can be leveraged to provide insight and solutions to a wide range of problems, as well as language use in digital contexts, especially how it is used to construct and reflect identity in online communities and how digital media create unique structures and patterns of communication. LINK Research Projects: IDEAS Center, COCOA .
Dr. Andy Berning
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Andy Berning, Ph.D. | K-12 Learning Analytics
Andy is a research scientist with a focus on K-12 learning analytics and MOOC development. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from The University of Texas at Austin, a Master’s Degree in Chemistry, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Science Education.  He is an Air Force veteran, a former chemistry teacher and has spent the past 20 years integrating technology into K12 schools as a Chief Technology and Information Officer. His interest is leveraging emerging technology to impact teaching and learning, and to level the playing field for all learners. LINK Research Projects: PARC, What Now? MOOC.