Jenny Roye

Faculty Preparedness for Online Instruction: Promoting Instructor, Social and Cognitive Presence


Jenny Roye, MSN, RN
Clinical Assistant Professor
Assistant Director of Technology and Curriculum Integration
Program Manager of Undergraduate Clinical Facilities Coordination Accelerated Online BSN Program
Lead Teacher- Nursing Care of Children and Adolescents
College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Students in the online environment often feel disconnected  and become disengaged. As instructors, it is our responsibility to promote and maximize cognitive, social, and instructor presence within our courses and programs. Based on the Community of Inquiry model, faculty need to have the skills to effectively provide instruction that meets the needs of the online learner, in those three realms. The goal of my project is to assess the learning needs of our faculty, provide tools and faculty development offerings to meet these needs, and evaluate the effectiveness of training provided. The outcome would be increased  cognitive, social,  and instructor presence in our courses resulting in increased student engagement and increased satisfaction of the learner experience.