Meagan Rogers

A Competency-Based Approach to Program Evaluation


Meagan Rogers, RN-BC,MSN, CPEN
Clinical Assistant Professor
College of Nursing and Health Innovation

The primary purpose of this project is to integrate learning analytics into the curriculum blueprinting and evaluation process through the development of a course and program quality management program. The need to measure learning outcomes and use data from various sources to individualize learning is driven by five problems: increased admissions, challenges in developing a predictive model to identify at-risk students, fragmented measures of learning, and clinical performance indicators that are not clearly linked to learning outcomes. This project is part of a larger initiative aimed at individualizing remediation through a streamlined process of identifying at-risk nursing students. The blueprinting and curriculum evaluation process involves tagging didactic content using a standardized concept taxonomy across the curriculum. Exam items are tagged to evaluate student performance and tailor remediation. Student results on three program assessments are tagged using the taxonomy: course exams, results from an adaptive learning platform, and virtual clinical simulation performance.