Regina Urban

Pressed For Time: The Timing of Online Exam Completion and Pre-Nursing Student Outcomes

Regina Urban, PhD(c), MSN, RN-BC, CCRN, CNE
Clinical Assistant Professor
College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Because of continuing employment growth in the field of healthcare, students are interested in obtaining a degree in nursing.  Students must successfully complete specific prerequisite courses, including pathophysiology, to be able to apply to and be accepted for the nursing program.  At UTA, the College of Nursing offers students the opportunity to complete nursing degree requirements in an online or in-person format.  Online students must make many decisions regarding their school – work – life balance.  The relatively unstructured nature of online learning means students must develop their own schedules for learning course content and completing course-related assignments and exams.  In online pathophysiology, students are given a 42 hour window in which to complete course exams.  The purpose of this PLC project is:  For online pre-nursing students, what is the relationship of students’ exam submission times to their ability to successfully complete the course?