Teaching Tip: Virtual Experience with interactive OERs

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The PLC (Professional Learning Community) will be providing the teaching tip of the week throughout the academic year in support of their goal of interdisciplinary collegiality.

Open Educational Resources (OERs) help instructors to transition from passive to interactive online learning using digital resources instead of physical books. Interactive OERs that include both lessons and simulations are emerging as a powerful tool, especially in the science classroom. Some examples are: Whack-A-Bone which helps students build foundational knowledge of body systems and PhET which uses simulations to explore content like a true scientist. Many of the interactive OERs lead students to construct their knowledge of science by mouse-clicking, dragging and dropping, in addition to conducting virtual experiments. Instructors should be aware of the quantity of interactive OERs available online for teaching and learning but also prepare themselves to judge the quality and relevance of interactive OERs to the learning outcomes they have constructed for their students.

~Jiyoon Yoon, Jiyoon@uta.edu, Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education

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