Dr. Rory McGreal to Host Talk on Open Educational Resources and the Future of Education

Dr. Rory McGreal, UNESCO/Commonwealth of Learning Chairholder in Open Educational Resources and professor in the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University, will give a talk on Tuesday, December 20, 2016, at 12:00 p.m. in the LINK Research Lab. Dr. McGreal is also the director of the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI), co-Editor of…

UTA News Center: UTA Researchers Study the Ideal Physical, Mental States for Focusing Attention and Exercising Self-Control

Dr. Catherine Spann's current study on the ideal physical and mental states to help children and adults pay attention and practice self-control was recently covered by UTA. To read more about the study and check out the video, please follow the link: https://www.uta.edu/news/releases/2016/11/Study%20on%20self-control.php

DLRN Fall Partner Meeting Recap

Partners across the Digital Learning Research Network met in Arlington, Texas on October 21-22 to update each other on various projects and take the  opportunity to collaborate with others during regarding their work, and to consider future directions and collaborations. The partners worked on scaling dLRN research projects and discussed future funding opportunities as the…

Welcoming a New Staff Member

Catherine Spann, GRA for LINK Research Lab We are delighted to announce the addition of our new graduate research assistant, Catherine Spann, to the LINK lab. She is in the doctoral program in Developmental Psychology at UT Arlington with research interests in mindfulness and self-regulation in early childhood. She is joining our postdoc Throy Campbell…

The Future of Universities

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Higher Education faces numerous and growing challenges. Universities must embrace structural reorientation in order to build the capacity to adapt. Adaptivity and innovation are required in order to meet challenges such as the university's broadening scope and role in economic impact, increased competition, diverse student population, social networked teaching and learning, and new assessment and…

Success for All Learners

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Today's student population is diverse. Underrepresented learners face a difficult challenge in moving to digital learning; research indicates digital environments can increase existing barriers. LINK is focused on identifying and addressing the challenges to digital learning success for all learners, particularly those who are currently underrepresented in higher education and experience difficulty due to systemic…

The Future of Work

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The economy in the U.S. has largely transitioned to creative and innovative work and away from routine labor. This has significant implications to the employment opportunities that exist now and what will exist in the future. The new economy, one that requires advanced education and continual lifelong learning, is also influenced by the increased automation…

The New Knowledge Process

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Knowledge is being created, shared, and validated through emerging technologies and social network configurations. Our core interest is in tracing how the digital knowledge process challenges and changes existing practices in higher education and society.