Postdoc Fellowship in Language Technology and Discourse Analytics Announced

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Digital Teaching and Learning has just published an ad for a postdoc fellowship with the LINK Lab. Please share the announcement with your colleagues and students who might find the position of interest.

Advances in computing, online interaction, and globalization have produced an explosion in interest in how technology can contribute to improving discourse and advancing interaction and translations across languages and cultures. The field of natural language technologies is poised for significant growth in a “big data” era. Understanding large scale dialogue and sentiment in social media, public news sites, and other digital discourse spaces is appealing to many, including big data researchers, educators, philosophers, corporations, and governments. Additionally, as societies continue to globalize and English’s hegemonic position is reduced, timely and accurate analysis and automated translation of discourse data in multiple languages becomes a key goal.

This position will appeal to individuals who are at the forefront of multilingual and automated translation technologies and are interested in contributing to research and improving the state of the field.

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