Teaching Tip: Getting to Know Your Students

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The PLC (Professional Learning Community) will be providing the teaching tip of the week throughout the academic year in support of their goal of interdisciplinary collegiality.

The diversity of experiences, conditions and needs that students bring into our classrooms is exciting to consider. Doing a brief survey the first week of classes can help uncover issues that can unintentionally derail students’ success in your course. You might adapt an existing survey such as this one from Norman Herr of California State University.Consider asking if your students have internet at home, if they own a computer, the location where they study, the number of hours they work, and if they are the first in their family to attend college. The data from an anonymous survey tool can help you assist your students with focused learning strategies and guide adjustments to your assignments so that all of your students are ready to succeed in your class.

~Maria Martinez-Cosio, mcosio@uta.edu, Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Development

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