aWEAR’16 Conference is On the Way!

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The aWEAR’16 conference is less than 50 days away! aWEAR Wearable Technologies, Knowledge Development, and Learning Conference is the first international wearables in learning and education conference. It will be held at Stanford University on November 14-15, 2016 and provide researchers and attendees with an overview of how wearable tools are being developed, deployed, and researched. Attendees will have opportunities to engage with different wearable technologies, explore various data collection practices, and evaluate case studies where wearables have been deployed.

The rapid development of mobile phones has contributed to increasingly personal engagement with technology. Building on the success of mobile, wearables (watches, smart clothing, clinical-grade bands, fitness trackers, VR) is the next generation of technologies offering not only new communication opportunities, but more importantly, new ways to understand ourselves, our health, our learning, and personal and organizational knowledge development.

The conference explores the great promise that wearables hold to greatly improves personal learning and the performance of teams and collaborative knowledge building through advanced data collection. When combined with existing data such as social media and learning management systems, sophisticated awareness of individual and collaborative activity can be obtained. Wearables are developing quickly, including hardware such as fitness trackers, clothing, earbuds, contact lenses and software, notably for integration of data sets and analysis.

Attendees will have a chance to hear from the top thought leaders when it comes to wearables in education:


Dr. Dragan Gasevic 

University of Edinburgh


Dr. Therese Dugan 

Intel Corporation



Dr. Thelca Schilporst

Simon Fraiser University


Dr. Sidney D’Mello

University of Notre Dame

Registration is still open for the aWEAR’16 conference and will close on November 1, the first day of the conference. There is a special  discount for all the eager students who would like to attend. For more information on aWEAR’16, please visit

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