Intel Uses Artificial Intelligence For Social Good

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Intel recently held its first ever ” AI Day” in San Francisco this past November to announce its complex and innovative artificial intelligence (AI) strategy. During the half-day event to share its vision for the future of AI through announcements of new partnerships, customer collaborations, benchmarks, and the unveiling of several new brand products. They hosted various keynotes and panels to discuss how these developments can help consumers and impact the world culturally and economically.

Dr. George Siemens, Executive Director of the LINK Lab, had the opportunity to be on a panel that focused on the use of AI for the social good. Through the “AI for Good” panel, Intel assembled a diverse group of thought leaders to share just how AI can help an array of social causes, such as the foster care system, missing and exploited children, online harassment of the LGBTQ community, and the future of AI in a community of learning and the workforce. Siemens focused on the social implications that arise when AI enters the workforce and education. He elaborated on the idea of technology integration solving human problems such as access to quality education but encourages society to not ignore the human factor that is still a necessary component for economic and cultural success.

To view the whole panel discussion, please follow this link:



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