Digital Learning Research Network

Welcome to dLRN, The Digital Learning Research Network

The Digital Learning Research Network (dLRN), made possible by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will form connections among researchers and educators to close the gap between research and practice. The participating researchers are leaders in innovative pedagogical approaches which will have important implications for the future of higher education. The primary beneficiaries of the project’s outcomes will be underrepresented learners and institutions that are making the transition to digital learning. The work for the two-year grant will include:

  1. identifying commonalities between research capacities and institutional needs focused on research questions,
  2. partnering Tier-One researchers with participating state systems, and
  3. collaborating to develop appropriate, high-impact solutions.

The goals of the grant are to help remove barriers to digital learning and articulate the conditions needed for successful learning for all students so that they may more fully participate in the global economy.

Recent dLRN Updates: