This project looks to develop personal learning graphs that are multi-dimensional representations of learner knowledge in: 1) cognitive and knowledge mastery; 2) process and strategy; 3) affect and engagement; 4) social interaction. These graphs will help develop a detailed learner profile that includes: 1) learners’ knowledge and processes; 2) perseverance; 3) social networks. The profiles would be available to learners, teachers, and administrators alike and seeks to profile an increasing number of students seeking to return to higher education to reskill and upgrade knowledge due to changing labor markets. PLeG in its optimal form would answer “what do we do, when, and for who?” The development of these profiles draws from existing research in student success behaviors and factors.


July 2016 – Early models of the Personal Learning Graph are being developed for deployment in open online courses. Since April, a detailed review of literature in development of user profiles has been conducted. This analysis is informing how PLeG will be deployed in various education settings and how feedback will be returned to both the student and the educator. Beginning in early 2017, PLeG will be scaled up for deployment in larger numbers of online courses.

April 2016 – Partners are currently working on a replication current study that looks at the 2015 Big Data in Education Massive Open Online Course (BDEMOOC) in edX. This will aid in building and expanding the core model to create a working model, and their research will increasingly utilize a greater range of data from other edX courses and other platforms.