Partners across the Digital Learning Research Network met in Arlington, Texas on October 21-22 for our fall meeting. On Friday morning, each project team presented on the current state of their work and next steps. Partners then had the opportunity to collaborate with others during the afternoon regarding their work, and to consider future directions and collaborations. The group shared a lovely dinner together before adjourning for the evening. On Saturday morning, the partners worked on scaling dLRN research projects and discussed future funding opportunities as the current Gates Foundation grant nears the end of its cycle. The meeting was a fantastic event and it was great to see some new faces.

Attendees included: The University of Texas at Arlington (George Siemens, Justin T. Dellinger, Lisa Berry, Amber Patterson, Henry Anderson), The University of Arkansas System (Michael Moore, Harriet Watkins, Kati Molnar), The University System of Georgia (Leslie Meadows), California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative (Carol Lashman, Jory Hadsell, Barbara Illowsky, Lenore Desilets), Carnegie Mellon University (Carolyn Rose), The University of Michigan (Stephanie Teasley), Smithsonian Institute (Alison Leithner), Stanford University (Candace Thille), Teachers College (Ryan Baker, Miggy Andres), and SRI International (Marie Bienkowski)

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