eVersity has developed an onboarding course which seeks to remove barriers to starting college and give each student a level playing field when beginning their program (starting October 2015).  Additionally, eVersity developed an Academic Success Advising unit to provide hands-on-support and act as a partner for each student throughout their academic journey to accomplish their educational goals. Discipline-specific courses went live Spring 2016 and will provide insight into the behaviors that equate to successful outcomes in online-only environments. They have partnered with leading researchers in educational data mining and learning analytics at Teacher’s College to determine and implement evidence-based practices to create a successful learning environment for at-risk students in the state of Arkansas.

Their research objectives include: 1) Identifying how participation during the on boarding course impacts eventual student outcomes; 2) Collecting baseline data and participation logs to inform predictive models of engagement; 3) Collecting data on student first-year success; 4) Evaluating effectiveness of participation in the onboarding course at promoting positive student outcomes; 5) Develop predictive models of engagement to inform interventions in real time; 6) Deploy interventions and evaluate success.


July 2016 – The University of Arkansas System eVersity continues to work with the team at Columbia Teacher’s College to identify features and develop predictive models. Recently eVersity shared nearly 300 reports of student activity in the onboarding course with detailed information about time spent on each item in the course. eVersity is seeking to identify features that correlate with completion of the onboarding course and matriculation into a program specific course. Using this information, eVersity plans to inform improvements to the onboarding course and support services. Additionally, eVersity is piloting a project titled, Triumph, which seeks to make advising more efficient by providing a dashboard to advisors and to motivate students through delivery of timely information about their performance in the course.

April 2016 – The first group of students are through the onboarding course and in discipline-specific courses. eVersity is working with Teacher’s College on data and analysis to build predictive models, implement monitoring/intervention workflows, and evaluate the effectiveness of support mechanisms.