The mission of the Online Education Initiative (OEI) is to help increase the number of students that can complete their educational goals by increasing access to and success in high-quality online courses. A large component of the initiative is to help establish a common learning management system (LMS) and advanced tutoring systems. The California Community Colleges (CCC) OEI and Teachers College (TC) have paired to evaluate online readiness modules to determine their impact on student preparation, skill development, and future success in online courses.  The readiness modules include four components: diagnostic assessments, multimedia tutorials, checks for learning, and supplemental resources. The University of Michigan has assisted in an advisory capacity for LMS data and Teachers College is using data to help define engagement metrics and develop detectors.


July 2016 – CCC and TC have refined Canvas data for analysis, which is currently under way!

April 2016 – The readiness modules (Quest) have been running at pilot schools in the CCC system. There are two pathways: one for new online learners and one for experienced online learners. Over the past year, there has been an increase from eight to twenty-four pilots and TC is now using the datasets to complete their work. CCC is currently working to create a gold standard for accessibility, improving design to clarify pathways, and integrate a badging system tied to performance.